Hooray, It’s National Parents’ Day! Which Celeb Parents Do You Wish Were Yours?

It’s National Parents’ Day today, so why not trade in your folks for some famous ones?

OK, that’s a bit dramatic, but it is fun to imagine celebrity parents as your own mom and dad. While we know you love your own parental unit, you probably celebrated them on Mother’s Day or Father’s Day this year, so perhaps Parents’ Day is for your other parents AKA your dream celeb parents.

Technically, it would be great to celebrate your mom and dad again, but once you’re done doing a family dinner (or relaxing by the pool with your parental unit) you should refocus your energy on which celebrity parents you not-so-secretly wish were yours.

It doesn’t mean you don’t love the parents you actually have, but let’s be honest there are a few celeb couples—we’re looking at you David and Victoria Beckham—who make parenting look fun. We’re sure they discipline their children too, but being a famous kid would have its perks.

Vote for the ultimate Hollywood duo that you’d want as your parents (if you could actually choose) below.

Don’t forget to show your mom and dad a little love today too…it is parents’day after all!

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